Notice to the Shareholders of Copperbelt AG of 21 September 2010

The company’s offer to the shareholders of CIGMA Metals Corp. concerning subscription of new Copperbelt shares was made with a view to the planned listing of all company shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange open market.


Electronic registration of the subscribed shares is required prior to the listing, which will be delayed for the following technical reasons: a Swiss stock company planning its initial listing on a German stock exchange is now required to apply in its home country for electronic securitization of its global certificate through a bank that is connected with Sega Intersettle, Olten and ensures the function of paying agent and depository.


These changes affect all other foreign companies planning their initial listing on a German stock exchange in the same manner. These alterations or restrictions in the area of securitization, the paying agent and depository functions and listing of foreign companies have resulted in enormous delays for the respective applicants. The structures with respect to the so-called service functions have to be completely reestablished and relined. The occurring delays cannot be attributed to the company but are due to changes in regulations.


The company is doing its best to solve these problems with the respective partners promptly so that the shares may be registered in the subscribers’ deposits as quickly as possible. The company is currently preparing a prospectus which will be the basis for the listing of the new shares.


We must therefore ask our shareholder for a little more patience and apologize for any inconvenience caused by this. We offer those shareholders who feel their patience has been overtaxed the option of returning their shares to the company at the subscription price. This offer shall be binding until 29 October 2010, 16.00 hours.

Attached please find the respective form which has to be completed and sent back to the company. The sales price will then be credited to your account immediately.

The Management Board

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