Basel, 20th of May 2011

Copperbelt increases capital

(ISIN: CH0109600491; WKN: A0Q9UF)

The Board of Copperbelt AG announces the successful completion of a capital increase of 2 million shares at a price of CHF 0.30 per share (CHF 0.02 nominal value + CHF 0.28 Agio). CHF 600,000 accrue to the company. With a nominal value of the shares of CHF 0.02 the share capital will thus increase by CHF 40,000, of which CHF 560,000 go to free reserves. The new share capital amounts to CHF 1.380.000. The number of shares increases from 67 million to 69 million. The registration of the capital increase in the commercial register of Canton Basel-City took place on 12th of May 2011.


The capital increase from authorized capital was carried out under exclusion of subscription rights and was decided on 2nd of May 2011. It was placed with financial investors. The capital increase will serve for further development of the copper-gold project of the subsidiary Dostyk Ltd. in Kazakhstan.


For the Board,
Peter Goeggel

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