Status of listing

Board of directors of Copperbelt AG wishes to explain the status of existing efforts regarding listing at the stock market.
As known, the aim of Copperbelt AG was to achieve a primary listing at the Open Market of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE "First Quotation Board" (FQB)).

Due to tightened conditions (since Spring 2011)  of Deutsche Börse AG for admission to the trade of FSE it was necessary to realize a prospectus approved by BaFin, because the company has not met the new valid condition of a face value of at least 10 euro cents. In December, when the draft of prospectus was still present for consideration at BaFin, Deutsche Börse AG decided, after discussions with and at the request of BaFin, that, until further notice, no new access permit to the First Quotation Board would be accepted. Reason for that were allegations of manipulation in various titles of FQB. In February 2012 message came that this segment will be completely closed till 3rd Quarter of 2012 and the announcement was made that the admission requirements for higher-skilled segment of the Open Market, Entry Standard, will be significantly tightened. The main features of new conditions for Entry Standard were announced in April. Important new basic conditions are:

• 750,000 € equity
• Notional nominal value of the shares of at least 1 €
• BaFin proven prospectus

Based on extensive internal debate current condition of the conversion of the nominal value to € 1 for the company  for various reasons is out of the question. Thus, access to the Entry Standard is no longer possible.

After the originally selected Frankfurt Stock Exchange makes no sense anymore, Copperbelt AG decided to seek listing or start of trading at other stock exchanges. Currently, in Germany the possibility of trading in Stuttgart is getting reviewed. Initial positive discussions were held. In addition, appropriate stock exchanges in other European countries are analyzed and addressed with appropriate partners. The Board continues to work intensively on the listing issue.  Hopefully during September reporting of a positive decision of an appropriate stock exchange will be possible.

For the Board,
Peter Goeggel

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